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Densha Otoko 9

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Summary: (courtesy of Random Curiosity)Tsuyoshi and Saori go out on a date to Akihabara, amazing all the otakus there. He even takes her to his secret spot overlooking the area, but is unable to take advantage of the situation and confess. Also, Daisuke tells Saori about the BBS.

Review: OH SHIT. aaaaaaaaaa;alfkdj;fskldjf;asiodfjkdf. One episode left and it's two weeks from now. I think I'm going to explode out of anticipation. And in the ep preview they had Saori and Kazuya meeting with her all prettied up in an omiai kimono. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. GANBATTE, DENSHA OTOKO!!111a;sldkjf


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