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Event: Nana Roadshow September 3, 2005 at Shibuya Cinetower

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Event: Nana (the movie) Roadshow
Date: September 3, 2005
Place: Shibuya Cinetower, Tokyo

Summary: Two girls of the same age, same name meet at the same time in the same train. They find the same apartment without knowing it, move in together - thus starting the marvelous adventure that is Yazawa Ai's "NANA". *Note, review has been cut for spoilers.

Review: OH. MY. GOD. As this was an amazing movie, they cut it off way too short and not in the best place. They cut off the story where Hachi meets Takumi, starts to cry, cries with Nana, and everyone gets along. I still love this movie to death - everything about it was perfect except for the ending, which was far too abrupt for my taste. Indeed, when everyone was filing out (all of today's shows were sold out in Shibuya), girls were shrieking about the ending. In the movie pamphlet, there's a section called "After the movie", where it covers volumes 5-13 in the manga. This makes me wonder if there's going to be a sequel in the making, or maybe more features on the DVD when it's released. Overall though? Nakashima Mika outdid herself in one of the best roles of her career - both in singing and acting. For me, she has become THE Oosaki Nana. Perhaps because she was such a big fan she, in her mind, really did become Nana. If anything, it's made me love the character even more.

I will have to grudgingly admit they picked a good Reira, though they kept her far too quiet for my tastes. Ito Yuna is a US native, hailing from Hawaii, though full-blooded Japanese. Her english and Japanese were fluent and the songs went well when singing. However, I can't imagine for a second Trapnest would have a ballad like the one in the movie. I might just have to buy the Reira single to get the other song that was played in the movie and was slightly more fitting, "Journey". The guy as Shin could have been better. He did a decent job, but Shin is supposed to be an underage, overhyper teenage male prostitute who's in love with Reira. None of that appeared in the film. At all.

As for Matsuda Ryouhei as Ren - Again, he did a decent acting job, but he and Ren's character just did NOT match up.

The guy as Nobu was perfect, as was Yasu.

Miyazaki Aoi was good as Hachi. Just as good as Nakashima Mika. It seems that the casting director had some hit and miss issues with casting characters - wrong Shin, decent Reira, wrong Ren but perfect everyone else (except for Hachi's younger sister who's supposed to be a mention of that at all).

In summary: This movie has definitely done Yazawa Ai's work justice, if not improved it even with the abrupt and startling ending. I'm definitely going to see this repeated times until it's taken out of theatres.

Final Review: A+


  • At 11:33 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    wow! i'm sorry for appearing out of nowhere, but I followed a link on the blackstones community, and i can't help commenting - it seems that we have the exact same thoughts, even though I have not seen the movie itself, only visited all the official/unofficial sites i can find related to it - Nobu actor was great - the original actor's often earnest image fits the bill, but shin is... seriously miscast. I oggled when I saw his photo. No way ... he's overaged and NOT a bishounen at all(now, hideaki takizawa would look suitable, if not for the fact that he would be too high profile and costly... perhaps one of the johny's kids?). I can't see him longing after Reira. Sigh.

    And yes, endless is far too an un-rock(and un-trapnest) song...

    mika is indeed very well casted, her attitude in the movie...and so is hachi too.

  • At 1:19 AM, Blogger Me said…

    I love Mika Nakashima!!


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