the usagi incidents


Fall 2005 titles

After seeing some trailers, I'm indecently excited about seeing:
Jigoku Shoujo - Looks awesome. I've been hearing some majorly good buzz about this show. I also like gothy type anime as well, so hopefully this'll be good.
Paradise Kiss - adapated from the Yazawa Ai manga. Loved the manga, loved the prequel. And Animation Company did a really great job with Hachikuro, so hopefully Parakiss will also be awesome.
BLOOD + - I loved the original movie and the manga.

Interesting looking:
Ergo Proxy - From the creators of Samurai Champloo. Manglobe has done well in the past. Let's hope this don't suck. :)
Noein - Futuristic. Yum.
Mushishi - Getting rave reviews everywhere. Looks interesting - loved Boogiepop, and apparently this has the same feel to it.

The rest, however, all look like harem shows of one sort or another. -__-; That's the last thing we need.


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