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Honey and Clover 23

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Summary: Takemoto continues his stint with the Temple repairers, until he gets enough money to get a new bike and continue his journey. However, he's so happy working with the repairers that he doesn't realize it until they shove him out of the group, asking that he continue his journey and see them again afterward. Takemoto realizes they're right, and is grateful - continuing on his way to Hokkaido. Also, Rika wants Ayumi to make her some pottery pieces for Harada design...and Ayumi has no idea how to react, act, or think around her.

Review: Oh god, one more episode left. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to remain unfinished? D: Will Takemoto find himself? And what about Hagu - who's struggling with her own future? als;adkjf. I'm so torn!


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