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Hu Die (Butterfly) - Hong Kong, 2004

Summary: (from Butterfly is adapted from Taiwanese author Chen Hsueh's short story "The Mark of the Butterfly". Starring Josie Ho, Eric Kot, Tian Yuan, Isabel Chan and Joman Chaing, it is about a woman's struggle to come to terms with her true self, the importance to break out from her cocoon and set herself free. Flavia (Josie Ho) is a married teacher, who lives a comfortable but uneventful life with her husband (Eric Kot) and daughter, until one day she meets Yip (Tian Yuan), a young girl caught shoplifting in a supermarket. After rescuing her, Flavia is slowly seduced by the free-spirited singer, re-igniting the desires she has long buried. Years ago, Flavia (Isabel Chan) had a passionate relationship with the rebellious and political Jin (Joman Chaing), until an event forced them apart.

Review: I'd been hearing about this movie for quite some time, including rave reviews from LJ friends. But damn, this movie is incredible. I think I cried throughout the entire second half of the movie. Once I scrape up some more funds, I am most definitely buying the special edition DVD. The music, the imagery, the script, the cast - everything was perfect. Definitely in my top ten favourites now.

Final Review: A++


  • At 5:52 PM, Blogger Nanchatte Technojunkie said…

    Have you seen the Youtube Mini Edit of Butterfly to the song "The Blower's Daughter"?

    I think it summed up the movie beautifully.

    It's unfortunately , how can I say, miscategorised...
    so be careful what you click on around it!

    Blower's Daughter / Butterfly


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