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Kannazuki no Miko (The Priestesses Abandoned by God)

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12 episodes
October 2004 - January 2005

Summary: ( The highborn Himemiya Chikane is cool and aloof, the perfect young lady of good breeding. Kurusegawa Himeko is devoted to her, and secretly her best friend. Their lives are undisturbed in their school, until an ancient evil suddenly rears its head. To combat it, Chikane and Himeko must take on the roles of shrine maidens of the Moon and Sun...while falling in love along the way.

Review: I finally managed to get ahold of this series (just as it was licensed ><). I remember watching the first episode last year and laughing, but rewatching it really made the difference. Maybe it's because I've gathered a few similar experiences (read: unrequited love for the same sex) since October 2004, but I related better. However - the mecha part was just silly. Why did they add that in? @__@ I did all of the symbollism thinking I could find and found no such relating symbollism to the story. Unless Oogami = the mechas = phallic power or something. But that's a bit of a stretch.

Otherwise, I really loved this show, more than I should have. I did NOT like the mecha scenes and found them useless, but the internal angsty parts were extremely easy to relate to. Girl loves girl, can't get girl to love her back the way she wants, thereby making herself enemy to the girl so she can get her to hate her. I know how that goes. You want them so much, you'd do anything for attention - even if it's negative.

I think I might buy the DVDs, once my job papers clear and I gets a job.

Final Review: A-


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