the usagi incidents


Nana 11

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Summary: ( Shin and Reira communicates through e-mail. Through these e-mails, Reira slowly feels Shin's love for her. Nobu tries to meet up with Hachi. But Hachi doesn't want to. She is afraid that she will ruin everything that she just had decided on. Takumi and Hachi heads back to Hachi's hometown to visit her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. (This scene, in my opinion is really amusing.) Blast moves into the dorms and meets up with their new friends - Yuri and Miu. Nana had a respiratory nervous attack which nearly scared everyone to death. It had something to do with her psychological unstablity especially when under stress or anger and her quick temper. Blast had their first Live Performance at Shinjuku.
Trapnest and Blast both appeared for a slot on a show called Music Studio (similiar to the real life Music Station). It was a gathering of old friends and new foes. ^^ Ren asked Nana to marry him. Blast went back for a mahjong section when Hachi messaged Shin, telling him she misses the time when they saw fireworks together and it felt like a dream. Nana immediately asked Hachi to meet at 707, to watch the fireworks once again. On the night itself, Hachi meets Shoji and had a decent conversation. Shin and Nana asks Nobu to get Hachi back.

Summary: Guhhhh so much angst. :/ Hachi/Shoji angst, Nobu/Hachi angst, Hachi/Nana angst, etc. ;__; This story just seems to get sadder with each volume. a;ldskfj


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