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Nana 12

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Summary: ( The tank begins in the future with Hachi walking along the street to room 707 with her daughter. She meets up with Blast minus Nana, helping them dress up in yukata. Nobu and Shin both looked grown up and Hachi's daughter looks like Takumi. Apparently, Trapnest would meet up with the rest later. Nobu still shows interest in Hachi. Nana is no where to be seen, and Hachi is waiting for her. We are brought back to the present timeline. Blast waits for Hachi in 707, in disguises to see the fireworks in the public. Hachi is late and calls Shin, telling her she won't be going because she is afraid to see Nobu. Nana tells Hachi to come because Nobu is not here. Hachi believes. Nobu gets angry and attempts to remove his disguise. Nana taunts Nobu telling him to get Hachi back. Hachi reaches 707 and only Nobu is waiting for her inside. He did not open the door and decided to let Hachi go. Hachi returns home to face Takumi. She receives news that they can't marry yet and have to postpone it because Ren and Nana are getting married. And because of publicity, they have to postone theirs. Nana and Ren declares their marriage and signed the wedding papers on air. It was also the time when Blast debut single and Trapnest's latest - Trust was being sold. Reira holds a birthday party in a "castle". They decided to include Shin's as well, since their birthdays were on the same date. The paparazzi have found Nana's mother. Naoki invites Hachi to the party without Takumi's consent. Hachi only realises why she wasn't invited in Naoki's car. (Because of Nobu and Takumi).

Summary: And the plot thickens. Hooray for Ren and Nana finally stopping all of that angsty sexual tension shit and finally getting hitched. And I keep asking myself - Hachi, why are you staying with Takumi? I mean, I know you're pregnant, but still. Is the sex really that worth it? :/ Also, Nobu/Yuri = WTF?!? o_o Takumi needs to stop being such a possessive cunt. Then again, Hachi's not too bright so maybe he is perfect for her after all - at least he'll keep her out of trouble. :/ Seeing Grown-Up Hachi was kind of a shock, since she looks so much like her mother. And her own daughter looks identical to Takumi. WTF. Scary. No. ;-; But grown-up Nana was pretty awesome. Still wearing fishnets and shit and being a married woman. That is the BEST.


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