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Nana 13

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Summary: Hachi comes to Shin and Reira's birthday party at Kamakura Castle - only to really piss Takumi off! Shin and Yuri, after talking, end up having sex...thus making Yuri extremely attached to him and jealous of anyone else who even looks at him. Nana and Hachi finally reunite, regardless of Takumi's screaming. Finally, back at home with Takumi in the bathtub, Hachi learns that Shin got Reira pregnant...

Review: Oh god. Hachi, why do you stay with him!? a;sdlfjkasf Also, Yuri is a cunt. But I can also understand her reasoning - as she's a porn star, she fucks men for a living. Someone who shows her love or the illusion of it is bound to make her clingy. Miu cutting? As I recall she's a model, and self-destructive behaviour would not surprise me in the least at all. Ren is probably next to Yasu the best male character in the book, because he just flows with everything. Nana is lucky to have him. :) Happiest scene of the volume? Nana and Hachi sleeping in the same bed just like the old days.

PS - Shin knocking up Reira? I saw it coming.


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