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Saikano OAV: Another Love Song 2 (final)

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Summary: Mizuki and Chise's backstory continues, with Mizuki finally opening up to Chise about her own experiences and life. When Chise starts to malfunction, killing random people, Mizuki gives her one last bit of advise, makes her a promise: In the end, be with the one you love most.

Review: A fitting end to the back story for this OAV. Extremely sad, but unfortuately, Saikano is not a happy bunny story. I've noticed a lot of OAVs that try to do this by explaining the back story of a series usually fail and just get people more confused, but this one just clarified everything and Chise was FINALLY given more than just the previous one dimensional character as seen with Shuu-chan's telling of the story. If you've seen Saikano, or haven't seen it, watch this OAV. It'll explain more than anything else.

Final Review: A++++


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