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Saku Saku - Week of 9/26-30

Summary: Just to let you guys know, because Saku Saku is a beloved show of mine that's hard to find online now (there won't be screencaps :(), I'll be doing summaries by week and not everyday. Anyway, here we go.

Week of 9/26 - 9/30/2005
*Youhna (singer) as a guest host the entire week, along with Kaela and Vincent.

Monday Summary: Talking about the election with Vincent and Kaela. Also, promotion of Kaela's new single, which drops on 10/5, and lots of talk about the new Vincent puppet doll (!!) going on sale Saturday. A short talk with Youhna about her success in Japan, compared with her mother country (Korea).

Monday Review: A+. Are we sure this is really a kids' show? I mean, talking about the election and everything. asl;kjdf WANT VINCENT GOODS NOW. D:

Tuesday: Talking with Vincent about nature's supremely strong insects. Kaela talks about her recent promotional work with Pino ice cream, and Mega-Department Store Parco. Talking with Youhna about how she feels working on the TOUCH movie (adapted from the manga), and how it's affected her budding career. Also, Kaela talks with friends musician group DEPAPEPE.

Tuesday Review: as;ldkf If I ever have to hear about kumamushi from Vincent again, I WILL SCREAM. However, his drawings were A+.

Wednesday: Vincent and Kaela read mail from fans and answer questions. Talking with Youhna about her 3 most favourite things.

Wednesday review: Yay HOHOEMIGAESHI. Seriously, Vincent needs to do that more often. My heart just melts and goes "awwwww". ><

Thursday: Talk about Taiga (Historical) dramas and their popularity in Japan. Talking with Youhna about her CD release (same day as Kaela's new single goes on sale), and how she feels about her career and everything that's happened so far. Also, new keitai ringtone talk.

Thursday review: The vincent puppets' HOHOEMIGAESHI along with Kaela's was the best so far. If one HOHOEMIGAESHI is good, then 3 is even better. :o

Friday: Missed this one. :( Sorry guys.

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