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Trinity Blood 1-15

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Summary: (from Several hundred years after the destruction wrought by a humanity-induced Armageddon, the war continues, and only the players have changed. The appearance of vampires, who feed off of humans, has forced the Vatican to count on uncommon allies in hopes of holding their own. In a world filled with artifacts of the now lost technology of the earlier age, a simple priest called Peter Abel Nightroad serves as a member of a special operations group, and his chance encounter with a young nun named Esther might determine the course of the struggle between the two races.

Review: I marathonned this over a few days this week - and I still can't stop watching it. Usually I'm not a fan of GONZO's stuff, but wow. This whole series has just knocked me off my ass. Currently trying to get the raws for 16 and 17, which I haven't seen yet. But yay, new fun obsession series. :D

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Trinity Blood (manga)


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