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Trinity Blood 1

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Summary: (from storminheaven) Somewhat loosely based on the novels by Sunao Yoshida. Long ago, an Armageddon had struck the earth, destroying civilization. Today, vampires and cyborgs created using Lost Technology reside on the Earth alongside the Terans. In the town of Istvan, the Marquis of Hungary plots revenge for the death of his wife, and weilds an awesome weapon of Lost Technology. Abel Nightroad is dispatched from the Vatican to stop him, and soon teams up with Sister Esther. However, the Marquis of Hungary is hardly human -- but then, neither is Abel.

Review: The art for this is so much more stunning than that of the anime, or even the original novels. My god. This artist has defintely become one of my favourites now. The manga seems to stay closer to the original novels (from what I have read - the first few chapters of the first book) than the anime does, but still. Amazing artwork, great story. Will keep reading. ;)

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