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Also, I'm now on the antenna, too. Joy.

PS - I decided to drop Noein. It just got too repetive in the third episode and I felt like punching things. :( That and all of that crackly blue electricity stuff was just giving me the seizures.

PPS - for those wondering about the lack of House reviews lately - House was on a one month haitus until this tuesday. I know, I know. I'm just as cranky as you guys are to see more of House's wonderful crankiness. If that made sense.

Rozen Maiden 4

Summary: Souseiseki's master begins to remember what really happened with his fiancee 50 years ago, and Souseiseki's spell of hatred has finally been broken. But as her will weakens and is held by Suiseiseki, her Rosa Mystica pops out? And what's more, right when Suiseiseki's about to put it back into her so that she can continue living, Suigintou snatches it, swallows it, and becomes more powerful than her sisters! Thus, one bites the dust as Souseiseki is now just a regular doll, shut up in her case lovingly by her sisters. Shinku and Suiseiseki swear revenge, while the fifth maiden, Kanaria, is watching from the shadows..

Review: Wow, the anime took a different turn from the manga storyline. Like, 180 degrees. If we're to be comparing the storylines between the manga and the anime, at this point in the Traumend arc, Souseiseki should already be "dead", Barasuishou should not have appeared yet, and Suigintou would still be around causing havoc. Interesting. I wonder why they chose to alter the storyline so much? Both are really good in their own rights (unlike Sugar Sugar Rune - and YES I'M STILL PISSED OFF ABOUT THE ANIME ADAPTATION, OKAY?), so I'm withholding judgement. Thoughts, anyone?


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Summary: While George lies in the hospital dying, Kai runs away trying to find the thing that hurt his father so badly. Saya and the rest of the gang search for him - only for Saya to find that her powers are continuing to awaken and she knows where the beast is. After a very short battle with him, Saya returns to normal, and starts to cry...

Review: Hooray for angsty inner battles between killing for survival and guilt! :D I rather like blood!Saya rather than the regular one. It'll be interesting to see who really wins out in the end - her humanity or otherwise. And of course, the journey along the way is always fun.

Mushishi 2

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Story from: Volume 1, Chapter 4

Summary: A girl who can no longer see is locked in a room of utter darkness. Mushi live in her eyes. She can close what is called "the second eyelid" - the eyelid behind the one you close your eyes and see, creating utter darkness that humanity has forgotten. But in that darkness, she is about to lose everything, including her best friend Biki (who catches her eye sickness). Can Ginko save the both of them from the horror of the second eyelid?

Review: A very ghibli-esque episode - especially when Sui opened her eyelids and that nastiness came out. Still, breathtaking in every way. If you have not seen this series yet, please do. It's so completely amazing.


Mushishi 1

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Story from: Volume 1, Chapter 1

Summary: They are not plants, or animals, but something in between. They are called Mushi, and those who investigate them are called the Mushishi. Ginko, a Mushishi, hears rumours about a boy that has "God's Left Hand" - bringing life to anything he draws with it.

Review: It's just as gorgeous as everyone's been gushing about. I knew I should have bought the manga used when I saw it last week. >< Well, that and I didn't have enough money on me, even if the set for 2-6 was used. als;dkjfas Dammit. I think I've found a new favourite for if not the season and year, all time.

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Mushishi (manga)


Rozen Maiden Original Drama CD 1

Summary: Someone has taken Shinku's beloved Detective Kun-Kun stuffed toy! Oh noes! Jun and the entire gang search for the entire culprit, only to find that it wasn't Suigintou who took it like they had thought, but an entirely different suspect...

Review: Oh wow, that was fun. Suigintou not being the one fucking up Shinku's plans and THEN pouting about it was perhaps the best part of the entire story. That and Shinku going ".....Kun-kun ga...." like, six million times in uncharacteristic disbelief. But someone tell me - why did the diary entries matter at the end of the CD? I was a bit confused why they had been stuck on there. Omake?

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Rozen Maiden (manga)
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Smallville 93 (S5 E5)

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Summary: ( Lana joins a sorority to get housing for her last-minute college registration, but the sisters have a deadly agenda which involves turning Lana into a vampire like themselves and sending her against Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe becomes an intern at the Daily Planet and runs up against the editor-in-chief, Pauline Kahn.

Review: Oh, smallville. One season is NEVER complete without a completely campy fun halloween episode. It was nice to see Lex and Clark not fighting for once, though.. :3 And wtf's up with Professor Fine? He um, is a kryptonian too? Answers pls. :/

Rozen Maiden 3

Summary: Maiden Suiseiseki asks Jun and the gang to help her save her twin sister, Souseiseki - who, under the twisted rule of her Master, is doing horrible things. Suiseiseki and Souseiseki have the power to enter dreams, and fight there as an n-field. But when the gang finally finds Souseiseki to convince her to come home to her sister, Suigintou is already there, trying to convince her to team up with her against the other maidens in the Alice Game! In a battle that costs Shinku an arm, Jun must go find it and remembers his own terrible past...

Review: Damn. Why is Souseiseki so bent on killing people/not wanting to be with her sister? WTF. They're twins, they should be together. Also, A+ moments with Suigintou trying to seduce (literally) Souseiseki into teaming up with her. Sent chills up my spine, it did.

Paradise Kiss 3

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Summary: Caroline and George start getting hot and heavy - but only when he says so! Also, when Caroline brings Hiroyuki to meet Miwako as a surprise for their tea date, it all goes to hell as both Hiro and Miwako remember the past...

Review: REALLY faithful to the manga. This makes me happy. ;D I loved the scene where Caroline's measurements were being taken - Miwako's busy expressions were so perfect! Poor Caroline, though. George is evil. D: Sexy, but evil.

Mai-Otome 4

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Summary: Arika demostrates her amazing skills in front of the entire crowd by holding up the castle until her OTOME suit falls off...making that the deciding factor in her acceptance into the Otome school. Everyone seems to be interested in this new girl who caused such scandal only days before while running through the school clothed only in a bed sheet - but not everyone wants her there. Nina remembers her past, and hates Arika even more...

Review: Wow, Nina's a fucking brat. She needs to get over her Daddy complex. D: Otherwise, good episode. And the lesbian subtext is official - "In order to become an Otome, you must throw away your image as being a woman. That means no falling in love, or getting married to men. Devote yourself to your master/mistress and country - that's what it means to be an Otome." Hoooooray! :DDD It's official. Also, nice fanservice bathing scenes with the Onee-sama-tachi. Weeheehee.

Rozen Maiden: Traumend 2

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Summary: Shinku and Jun narrowly escape being gored to death by Maiden #7 Barasuishou's attacks with Suigintou's spirit. Once safe, Shinku explains that Barasuishou was the last to be made, and was to awaken completely seperate from the rest of her sisters. But not wanting to frighten or anger anyone, Shinku locks herself up in her box, thinking and worrying about the significance of this new Maiden. Jun becomes frustrated, fighting with her, and then at school goes with an aqaintance to a local doll shop - where in the back, Father is working...

Review: Looks like we'll be introduced to Kanaria, Maiden #6 next week according to the previews. Hoooooboy. This is going to be an interesting season - now that all of the Maidens are awake, the Alice Game is now totally unavoidable. I wonder how things are going to go from here?

Trinity Blood 24 (end)

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Summary: All of the members of AX, minus Caterina, Abel, and Esther fight against the Orden ship that's blowing shit up all over Londinium. Tres revives Abel with what's implied in the previous episode by Caterina as Lillith's blood/serum - necessary to all Krsniks to be able to revive and heal themselves. Esther goes back to where Abel's coffin is, only to be shocked when Abel suddenly ressurects in front of a smiling Cain, and the final battle begins and ends with the World hanging in the balance...

Review: A really nice open-ended ending. It was especially gratifying to see Esther be crowned by the Pope as the Queen of the Albinion. Gorgeous scenes there - Gonzo really outdid themselves. However, there is the question of what the hell happened after Cain and Abel fell to earth. I mean, we see Abel afterward with Ion, talking about how they must continue to fight the Orden, riding in the Krsniks' old spaceship...that was a bit confusing. Perhaps a second season is in order? Also, what was touching was the end screen said "Dedicated to Yoshida Sunao" - the original author of the TB novels who passed away late last year at the tender age of 34 due to overwork/lung blockage. I think I need to try reading the novels again, even if it is quite difficult at my current level to do so. Definitely one of the best series of the year! I'm definitely sad it's done with for now.

Final Review: A+


Rozen Maiden 2

Summary: Jun gets his first taste of what it's like being a host for a Rozen Maiden as Shinku fights Hina-Ichigo in their first Alice Game. When Hina-Ichigo loses, Shinku decides to let her keep her Rosa Mystica by having her become her servant (like Jun) so that she can still be alive, saying she has "other ways" of becoming Alice and meeting Father. And so Hina-Ichigo comes to live with Jun, Nori, and Shinku, with her former mistress Tomoe coming to visit once in awhile. Things are all fine and good until another Maiden comes to call, asking Shinku to save her and her sister's lives...

Review: Huh. I wonder what Shinku has up her sleeve regarding becoming Alice, since the manga explicitly states that you need all of the Rozen Maiden series' Rosa Mystica to become one. Still, it makes for more fun. Hina-Ichigo is cute but can on my nerves a whole lot. ><

Sugar Sugar Rune 17

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Summary: Chocola's grandpa comes from the Magic World to check on her progress. When finding she's lagging behind, he challenges her to a dance off to show her how to really get hearts.

Review: What the fuck. Why am I still watching this? Too much damn filler. Maybe I should drop it awhile and stick with the manga - this is getting ridiculous. I'm putting this on indefinite hold until the studio gets its head out of its ass and adapts the manga storyline.


Jigoku Shoujo 4

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Summary: A girl, whose only family is the dog that her dead parents gave her as a child, is cruelly left to die in a prestegious veternary office while the doctor chats it up on the phone. Is she willing to risk not being able to see her family and beloved Candy again in the afterlife for revenge against this horrible doctor?

Review: So, Ai's grandma is a spider whose shadow is in the shape of an old woman at a loom. Interesting. I love how gradually we're finding out about Ai. A lot of people have already given up this show, but I have patience. Great episode.



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Summary: Opening with an awakened Saya one year previously, taken in by her adopted father. There's a funeral for the teacher who died in the attack, and Saya can no longer deny her nature. The military comes for her, but during her transfer over to the US military base, another vampire comes along and goes berserk. Saya's father, in an attempt to deny her nature, fights to protect her, only to be gored and left in a pool of blood with Saya weeping over her fate...

Review: Not wasting any time here, are we? Finally, Saya starts her life with the army. Awesome. But I must admit, naked!crazy Saya was pretty awesome though.

Sugar Sugar Rune 16

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Summary: In order to catch more hearts, Chocola decides to become an idol. Hilarity ensues.

Dear Sugar Sugar Rune Anime Staff,
One more filler episode and you're all fired.
No, seriously.



Jouou pre-airing special

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Summary: A pre-show special talking about the methods of adapting the manga to the small screen, as well as interviews with the actresses and general staff.

Review: Interesting stuff. I love how they really are filming in a Roppongi hostess club for the show - it definitely gives it more of a vibe of belivability. I think I want to read the manga now, if I can find it more cheaply used than the one I found today. @__@


Rozen Maiden 1

Summary: ( to a deep trauma at school Sakurada Jun has refused to return. He spends his time in his room, surfing the web and ordering anything that takes his fancy, only to return the items just before payment is due. One day, he finds a web site that tells him to put his order in a drawer of his desk. He does so thinking it to be a joke, only to find that the letter disappears and a strange package arrives soon afterwards. It contains an exquisite doll, that, when wound, comes to life. She treats him as a servant of little worth, but over time helps him come to grips with his fears and in the life-or-death fights that soon follow her arrival.

Review: Oh my. Suigintou, you've won my heart 4ever. No really, she's probably one of the best characters so far in the first volume - even slightly beating out Shinku's awesome oujou-samaness. Poor Jun. He has to put up with all of these uppity females. :(

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Rozen Maiden

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Summary: ( Due to a deep trauma at school Sakurada Jun has refused to return. He spends his time in his room, surfing the web and ordering anything that takes his fancy, only to return the items just before payment is due. One day, he finds a web site that tells him to put his order in a drawer of his desk. He does so thinking it to be a joke, only to find that the letter disappears and a strange package arrives soon afterwards. It contains an exquisite doll, that, when wound, comes to life. She treats him as a servant of little worth, but over time helps him come to grips with his fears and in the life-or-death fights that soon follow her arrival.

Review: I hated this anime at first, but then returned to it a year later, loving it. No, it's not "gothloli no gashbell" in the least - it's far more complicated IMO. The story and character designs are gorgeous, and it all fits very well together. I'm still going through watching all of the episodes for this first season, but I love what I've seen. I especially love the Suigintou/Shinku conflict. Mmm, incesty girl love. @__@ I'm glad they're hinting more at Father and his past this season, though, since I still don't quite get what that is all about and why the Alice Game is so damned important in order to meet him. Hopefully the manga can fill me in.

Final Review: A

Rozen Maiden (manga)
Rozen Maiden: Traumend (sequel) (anime)
Rozen Maiden: Original Drama CD 1 (audio drama)


Rozen Maiden: Traumend 1

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Summary: Picking up from where things left off last season, Shinku, Jun, and the gang are still at it winding each other up and causing general mayhem in the house. At least Jun got out this time, though - at least to the library. Shinku is now haunted by a series of bad dreams involving her twin, defeated last season, Suigintou, until one night Suigintou's sprite comes to her, leading her into the mirror, where Raparasu the Rabbit leads them to an unheard of seventh Rozen Maiden...

Review: I'm still catching up on last season, so I had to backtrack and watch this a few times to catch everything. Still looking VERY promising though. To be honest, I miss Suigintou's madness though. ;/ Maybe this new Maiden will be just as crazy/evil/incestual as her predecessor? :D

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Rozen Maiden (manga)
Rozen Maiden (prequel) (anime)
Rozen Maiden: Original Drama CD 1 (audio drama)

Honey and Clover 8

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Summary: Nomiya really falls for Ayumi, and spends most of the volume pining for her and being angry at Mayama for not loving her the way she wants him to. Also, Shuu has a series of dreams about Rika drowning herself to meet her husband, and the actual accident that happened itself. He's haunted by the past, which Mayama had brought up about Rika casually in conversation. With Rika, he can't be her husband, and so he tries to force her...only to slide down the wall crying in dispair...

Review: Guh. So much drama in this volume. I wish Ayumi would just get over Mayama already. I mean, the whole volume was this quadrilangle between Nomiya-->Ayumi-->Mayama-->Rika with Shuu thrown somewhere in the middle. I wish volume 9 would come out already. I missed seeing Hagu, Morita, and Takemoto in this volume. A LOT. :(

Smallville 92 (S5 E4)

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Summary: ( At a party at Crater Lake, Lois is saved from drowning by Arthur "A.C." Curry. Arthur has incredible swimming abilities, but also a secret agenda aimed at...Lex. Meanwhile, Professor Fine tells Clark of Lex's secret weapons-manfucturing operation

Review: Aquaman revealed! I can't say that the characters that Clark later works with as a superhero being revealed here isn't majorly fucking cool. Bad, Lex! BAD!. D: This is one of the first episodes we really see him being needlessly cruel and evil. I have a feeling this season will be seminal to the rest of the series - or, rather, change the face of the superman story forever.

Sugar Sugar Rune 4

Summary: Vanilla's decent into darkness continues as Pierre shows her a way to make all the boys' hearts turn black for her to take, so that the Ogres can finally take power over both the Human and Magic Worlds. Chocola, in a last gasp of friendship, gives Vanilla "kiichigo" - magical berry sweets that warm the heart and make one feel better. Vanilla eats them, and now has an internal battle waging - the Noir versus the warm glowing Orange heart created by the kiichigo. Will Vanilla really be taken by Pierre and the darkness in the end? Or will the Orange heart reappear in her body? And why did Pierre save Chocola from drowning when he's supposed to be aiding Vanilla for more black hearts?

Review: Goddamn. Not as long as I'd hoped it would be, but the content makes up for the lack of actual pages. Poor Vanilla. No matter what she does, in her opinion, Chocola bests her. It's not so, and it's heartwrenching to see (even if it's not real) - since those situations happen more than one thinks. And wtf with Pierre. He needs to make up his mind. D:< Too bad the next volume isn't released until next Spring. Stupid Nakayoshi.


Trinity Blood 23

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Summary: Cain has successfully slain Abel, just like in the bible. Esther, desolate, does not leave Abel's wake until one of the Albinions drops a huge secret - Esther is the lost princess of Albinion - the Kibou no Hoshi (Star of Hope) they have been searching for since she disappeared at birth 15 years ago! They ask her to lend them her power, and so she does, for Abel's memory. Meanwhile, the Orden's destroying Rome outside, and it appears that even the Vatican's most powerful weapons can't take them out..

Review: Oh my god. So Esther is a Methuselah Princess with major powers, Abel dies (only a Krsnik can be killed by another Krsnik?), Catherina takes blood from Abel's beloved in cryogenic sleep to save him, and Cain is a very bad man. One episode left to go, and SO many unanswered questions. I think I might try reading the novels again after this, if just because the answers I seek may be there.

Paradise Kiss 2

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Summary: Caroline decides to model for Paradise Kiss - and becomes closer to Miwako as friends in the process. But what's up with George? Why is he so cold and then so nice to her? Confused, Caroline mulls everything over in class...

Review: ANIMATION studio really is great with adapting manga - this is almost perfect and taken straight from what Yazawa Ai wrote. A+. This is everything I hoped parakiss would be. Let's hope it stays that way. :D

Mai-Otome 3

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Summary: The nation gears up for Mashiro's coronation ceremony, and the entire Otome Gakuen is in an upheaval about the Nina vs Arika fight that will take place forthwith. However, not everyone is so happy to see Mashiro become princess - one of the men from fourteen years ago comes to cause some trouble and instead finds Shizuru waiting for him instead. But all is moot when the battle's end is nigh - Shizuru's fight continues and the castle stars to collapse in the process! Will everyone make it out in time?

Review: Nice ganbaru spirit there, Arika. A good episode, but I felt like they drew out the pre-battle tension a little too much. Still gearing up to be a great show, though. :) And kitty!Mikoto is totally awesome. :D

Jouou 2

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Summary: Aya fails her first day, and goes to the hospital to visit her father jobless - and sees her mother being mercilessly bullied by the yakuza! This strengthens her resolve, and she goes back to Club Piano, demanding another chance. Once she gets it she turns everything around on Arisa and comes in at number two for the week in terms of money making. She even takes Arisa's number one customer, Oogami, for her own in a startling turn of events. But Arisa won't let things rest that easy, and so she starts her revenge on Aya...

Review: Hot damn. Aoi Sora does know how to act. Then again, her personality really may be like that...who knows? Anyway, fantabulous episode. Kind of hoping for some Aya/Shizuka action, but I seriously doubt that will happen. But oh god that nasty lecherous guy with Arisa...EW. @__@

Jouou 1

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Summary: (dramawiki) Fujisaki Aya is a carefully brought up college student. The family is 150 million yen in debt after her father's corporation was bankrupt. She has no choice but to turn to hostessing - and the more popular you are, the more money you make according to Club Piano's latest challenge to all of the mizu shoubai clubs in Roppongi. But how will she do in the Roppongi hostessing world when the Kabukicho no Jou, Arisa, comes into Rappongi to become Queen? Will she be popular enough to save her family?

Review: Hot damn. Two of my favourite interests ever - Aoi Sora and Hostessing - coming together in one program? Hooray!! Not only that, it feels like Aoi has proven herself beyond just being able to do AV movies. You can really feel her character here - snotty, bitchy, and downright evil. Not only that - we still get to see her marvelous boobies! But enough fangirling about that. I've been studying hostessing on my own for a few years, and I plan to integrate it into my later dissertation before I graduate, so this show is another great reference point. The silence has finally been lifted in popular culture about the sex industry. Yay!

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Noein 2

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Summary: Karas and his people rematerialize in their own world after a fight with Atori (who tries to take the Dragon's Torque from Haruka) - who only wants the Dragon's Torque from Haruka no matter the cost. Turns out both sides (Karas vs Atori) are from a world sitting right upon this one, the Lacrima Dimentionalist World. If they get the Dragon's Torque, they can throw off Shangri-La, the forces that oppress them. Meanwhile, Yuu runs away from home after his mother successfully pushes him off the edge of his fragile sanity re: his juku and exams. Haruka joins him, and they see their evening later in the night at the Observatory - apparently, space-time echoes as both can see the Oroboros' Ring appear over where they stand...

Review: A lot of crazy jargon in this episode, so it took a few watches to really catch everything. Otherwise, the series is turning out great so far. Definitely a pick for the fall season. I can't wait to see what happens re: the Dragon's Torque. :D