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Happy Family

Summary: Naruto is in love with his mother, Mayura, and is constantly competing with his father, Utsushio for her affections. This story is about their "happy family", and how Naruto learns to live with unrequited love for his mother in a society that forbids as such.

Review: Apparently this was Mihara's initial debut into the manga scene - and it definitely announces her appearance with a bang. This was a fabulous story. I was always into the Oedipal complex kind of stories, and it was just great. Also they have the extra story of how his parents meet and such. Great read. This is definitely one of my favourites from her now.

Note that the Bunko Reprint (the edition I read) condenses all of the following:
Happy Family 1
Happy Family 2
Happy Family 3
Happy Family: Extra

But does not include:
Happy Family 4 1/4: Cattle Call

Final Review: A+


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