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Honey and Clover 8

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Summary: Nomiya really falls for Ayumi, and spends most of the volume pining for her and being angry at Mayama for not loving her the way she wants him to. Also, Shuu has a series of dreams about Rika drowning herself to meet her husband, and the actual accident that happened itself. He's haunted by the past, which Mayama had brought up about Rika casually in conversation. With Rika, he can't be her husband, and so he tries to force her...only to slide down the wall crying in dispair...

Review: Guh. So much drama in this volume. I wish Ayumi would just get over Mayama already. I mean, the whole volume was this quadrilangle between Nomiya-->Ayumi-->Mayama-->Rika with Shuu thrown somewhere in the middle. I wish volume 9 would come out already. I missed seeing Hagu, Morita, and Takemoto in this volume. A LOT. :(


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