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Jouou 1

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Summary: (dramawiki) Fujisaki Aya is a carefully brought up college student. The family is 150 million yen in debt after her father's corporation was bankrupt. She has no choice but to turn to hostessing - and the more popular you are, the more money you make according to Club Piano's latest challenge to all of the mizu shoubai clubs in Roppongi. But how will she do in the Roppongi hostessing world when the Kabukicho no Jou, Arisa, comes into Rappongi to become Queen? Will she be popular enough to save her family?

Review: Hot damn. Two of my favourite interests ever - Aoi Sora and Hostessing - coming together in one program? Hooray!! Not only that, it feels like Aoi has proven herself beyond just being able to do AV movies. You can really feel her character here - snotty, bitchy, and downright evil. Not only that - we still get to see her marvelous boobies! But enough fangirling about that. I've been studying hostessing on my own for a few years, and I plan to integrate it into my later dissertation before I graduate, so this show is another great reference point. The silence has finally been lifted in popular culture about the sex industry. Yay!

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