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Jouou 2

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Summary: Aya fails her first day, and goes to the hospital to visit her father jobless - and sees her mother being mercilessly bullied by the yakuza! This strengthens her resolve, and she goes back to Club Piano, demanding another chance. Once she gets it she turns everything around on Arisa and comes in at number two for the week in terms of money making. She even takes Arisa's number one customer, Oogami, for her own in a startling turn of events. But Arisa won't let things rest that easy, and so she starts her revenge on Aya...

Review: Hot damn. Aoi Sora does know how to act. Then again, her personality really may be like that...who knows? Anyway, fantabulous episode. Kind of hoping for some Aya/Shizuka action, but I seriously doubt that will happen. But oh god that nasty lecherous guy with Arisa...EW. @__@


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