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Mai HiME 1

Summary: (from Based off Yatate Hajime's original work (actually that means an anonymous Sunrise Inc's employee since Yatate Hajime is apparently a pseudonym ), My-HiME is a harem-type shounen manga of the adventures at Fuuka Academy. It is serialised in a weekly mangazine Champion. Interestingly enough, it is also started almost concurrently with the animation of the same title. However the contents and styles between them are different in significant ways, despite having lots of similarities. Fuuka Academy is a private coeducation school where a force of girls called "HiMEs" are gathered. These girls possess immense forces at their commands via the use of "Elements". The boys are more than just for show too. Some of them possess the qualities of "Keys". It is said that when a matching "Key" and "HiME" are paired, an extraordinary event occurs. Even though this is an academy of unnaturally powered individuals, the schools are still places of growing teenagers. As such, these girls and boys go through their adolescent lives flitting through their relationships among each other, weaving a web of intrigue, romance and tension. Hiding under this web lies another web concerning the intention of those who brought these kids to Fuuka Academy...

Review: Wow, that's a lot of blatant lesbianism and boobies. And Natsuki with a guy? What. What kind of upsidedown crazyland is this? And why can't I stop reading it? :( But um, Natsuki asking Yuuichi to "open" her "keyhole" was just a little much for me. @__@

2 3 4 5 (FINAL)

Mai-HiME (anime)
Mai-Otome (sequel) (manga)
Mai-Otome (sequel) (anime)


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