the usagi incidents


Mai-HiME 2

Summary: Uh oh. Everyone's after Yuuichi for his "opening" power as a key - ending up with all the girls trying to get it on with him! Also, the student counsel thinks that Mai, Natsuki, Akane, and Mikoto can't seem to handle the orphans by themselves...challenging them to a race against who can best the orphans first and most successfully. Who will win? And why did the Chairwoman approve the creation of the OriHiME team?

Review: LOL. Lots of fanservice here, but I ain't complainin'. However, very saddened by the sudden lack of Mai/Mikoto love as seen in volume one. Glad the OriHiME team got bested, too - they were a bunch of whiny cuntsfaces. :D YAY. But if anything, I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of open homoerotic connotations with all of the girls involved. Even if it may be gayxplotation, at least it's something, am i rite?


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