the usagi incidents


Mai-HiME 4

Summary: Sears Gakuen continues its domination of the school by asking all HiMEs to become PRINCESSes via an implant that will cancel out the biological need for a key, among other things. When everyone refuses, Natsuki's mother does things the hard way - by sneaking the implant onto the back of the neck, or by force. Mikoto is the victim of one such attempt - can Mai change her back into the loveable girl she was? Or will Mikoto destroy the entire school in the process?

Review: Oh man. Still no clear word on what the himeboushi is (it was kind of neglected except for the term "opening the gate to the himeboushi" in this volume), but still a good one. As the volumes and story progress, I noticed that there's less blatant fanservice and harem-like qualities surrounding Yuuichi. Which, quite honestly, is a relief since too much of both of those really hampers the storyline down. One more volume to go - and I can't wait to finish the series.


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