the usagi incidents


Mai-HiME 5 (end)

Summary: Things come to an explosive end as Natsuki's mother opens the gate to the Himeboushi - releasing Nagi and other alien-types to come destroy the earth! The worst part? One of them has taken over Mai's younger sickly brother, Takumi, as he died from heart failure. Now Mai must battle her own brother to save the world with the rest of the HiMEs at her side - the only family she has left in the entire world.

Review: Adequate ending. Could have been better, to be honest, because there are still a lot of unanswered questions - why did Takumi become Kuromaku no Kimi? Why was Nagi so evil? Etc. But still, this is as good as you're going to get with a title like Mai-HiME, so I'll cut my risks here. Biggest complaint: Blatant fanservice. It seemed to lessen as the story went on, but still. :/ This could have been done better.

Final Review: B-


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