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Summary: The spin-off series to Mai-Hime starts with a bang as we're taken to a completely different world with some of our same beloved characters in different guises. Arika, an orphaned girl finds Nina, an Otome by chance at a cafe in the desert, and follows her to the city to find a school her mother attended as a child - as an otome. During their journey, the country's princess Mashiro, runs away from the palace and meets up with the two girls - awakening an ancient danger and helping Arika to discover her true identity.

Review: Hot damn. I still haven't finished watching all of the original Mai-Hime series, but this one is promising to kick even more ass. The yuri/shoujo-ai moments definitely give it a plus (and I thought Mai-Hime had a lot of them @__@). Definitely keeping up with this one this season. I need to read the manga now. :O

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Mai-Otome (manga)
Mai-HiME (prequel) (manga)
Mai-HiME (prequel) (anime)


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