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Mai-Otome 3

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Summary: The nation gears up for Mashiro's coronation ceremony, and the entire Otome Gakuen is in an upheaval about the Nina vs Arika fight that will take place forthwith. However, not everyone is so happy to see Mashiro become princess - one of the men from fourteen years ago comes to cause some trouble and instead finds Shizuru waiting for him instead. But all is moot when the battle's end is nigh - Shizuru's fight continues and the castle stars to collapse in the process! Will everyone make it out in time?

Review: Nice ganbaru spirit there, Arika. A good episode, but I felt like they drew out the pre-battle tension a little too much. Still gearing up to be a great show, though. :) And kitty!Mikoto is totally awesome. :D


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