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Mai-Otome 4

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Summary: Arika demostrates her amazing skills in front of the entire crowd by holding up the castle until her OTOME suit falls off...making that the deciding factor in her acceptance into the Otome school. Everyone seems to be interested in this new girl who caused such scandal only days before while running through the school clothed only in a bed sheet - but not everyone wants her there. Nina remembers her past, and hates Arika even more...

Review: Wow, Nina's a fucking brat. She needs to get over her Daddy complex. D: Otherwise, good episode. And the lesbian subtext is official - "In order to become an Otome, you must throw away your image as being a woman. That means no falling in love, or getting married to men. Devote yourself to your master/mistress and country - that's what it means to be an Otome." Hoooooray! :DDD It's official. Also, nice fanservice bathing scenes with the Onee-sama-tachi. Weeheehee.


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