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Noein 2

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Summary: Karas and his people rematerialize in their own world after a fight with Atori (who tries to take the Dragon's Torque from Haruka) - who only wants the Dragon's Torque from Haruka no matter the cost. Turns out both sides (Karas vs Atori) are from a world sitting right upon this one, the Lacrima Dimentionalist World. If they get the Dragon's Torque, they can throw off Shangri-La, the forces that oppress them. Meanwhile, Yuu runs away from home after his mother successfully pushes him off the edge of his fragile sanity re: his juku and exams. Haruka joins him, and they see their evening later in the night at the Observatory - apparently, space-time echoes as both can see the Oroboros' Ring appear over where they stand...

Review: A lot of crazy jargon in this episode, so it took a few watches to really catch everything. Otherwise, the series is turning out great so far. Definitely a pick for the fall season. I can't wait to see what happens re: the Dragon's Torque. :D


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