the usagi incidents


Rozen Maiden 2

Summary: Jun gets his first taste of what it's like being a host for a Rozen Maiden as Shinku fights Hina-Ichigo in their first Alice Game. When Hina-Ichigo loses, Shinku decides to let her keep her Rosa Mystica by having her become her servant (like Jun) so that she can still be alive, saying she has "other ways" of becoming Alice and meeting Father. And so Hina-Ichigo comes to live with Jun, Nori, and Shinku, with her former mistress Tomoe coming to visit once in awhile. Things are all fine and good until another Maiden comes to call, asking Shinku to save her and her sister's lives...

Review: Huh. I wonder what Shinku has up her sleeve regarding becoming Alice, since the manga explicitly states that you need all of the Rozen Maiden series' Rosa Mystica to become one. Still, it makes for more fun. Hina-Ichigo is cute but can on my nerves a whole lot. ><


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