the usagi incidents


Rozen Maiden 3

Summary: Maiden Suiseiseki asks Jun and the gang to help her save her twin sister, Souseiseki - who, under the twisted rule of her Master, is doing horrible things. Suiseiseki and Souseiseki have the power to enter dreams, and fight there as an n-field. But when the gang finally finds Souseiseki to convince her to come home to her sister, Suigintou is already there, trying to convince her to team up with her against the other maidens in the Alice Game! In a battle that costs Shinku an arm, Jun must go find it and remembers his own terrible past...

Review: Damn. Why is Souseiseki so bent on killing people/not wanting to be with her sister? WTF. They're twins, they should be together. Also, A+ moments with Suigintou trying to seduce (literally) Souseiseki into teaming up with her. Sent chills up my spine, it did.


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