the usagi incidents


Rozen Maiden 4

Summary: Souseiseki's master begins to remember what really happened with his fiancee 50 years ago, and Souseiseki's spell of hatred has finally been broken. But as her will weakens and is held by Suiseiseki, her Rosa Mystica pops out? And what's more, right when Suiseiseki's about to put it back into her so that she can continue living, Suigintou snatches it, swallows it, and becomes more powerful than her sisters! Thus, one bites the dust as Souseiseki is now just a regular doll, shut up in her case lovingly by her sisters. Shinku and Suiseiseki swear revenge, while the fifth maiden, Kanaria, is watching from the shadows..

Review: Wow, the anime took a different turn from the manga storyline. Like, 180 degrees. If we're to be comparing the storylines between the manga and the anime, at this point in the Traumend arc, Souseiseki should already be "dead", Barasuishou should not have appeared yet, and Suigintou would still be around causing havoc. Interesting. I wonder why they chose to alter the storyline so much? Both are really good in their own rights (unlike Sugar Sugar Rune - and YES I'M STILL PISSED OFF ABOUT THE ANIME ADAPTATION, OKAY?), so I'm withholding judgement. Thoughts, anyone?


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