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Rozen Maiden: Traumend 1

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Summary: Picking up from where things left off last season, Shinku, Jun, and the gang are still at it winding each other up and causing general mayhem in the house. At least Jun got out this time, though - at least to the library. Shinku is now haunted by a series of bad dreams involving her twin, defeated last season, Suigintou, until one night Suigintou's sprite comes to her, leading her into the mirror, where Raparasu the Rabbit leads them to an unheard of seventh Rozen Maiden...

Review: I'm still catching up on last season, so I had to backtrack and watch this a few times to catch everything. Still looking VERY promising though. To be honest, I miss Suigintou's madness though. ;/ Maybe this new Maiden will be just as crazy/evil/incestual as her predecessor? :D

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Rozen Maiden (manga)
Rozen Maiden (prequel) (anime)
Rozen Maiden: Original Drama CD 1 (audio drama)


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