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Rozen Maiden: Traumend 2

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Summary: Shinku and Jun narrowly escape being gored to death by Maiden #7 Barasuishou's attacks with Suigintou's spirit. Once safe, Shinku explains that Barasuishou was the last to be made, and was to awaken completely seperate from the rest of her sisters. But not wanting to frighten or anger anyone, Shinku locks herself up in her box, thinking and worrying about the significance of this new Maiden. Jun becomes frustrated, fighting with her, and then at school goes with an aqaintance to a local doll shop - where in the back, Father is working...

Review: Looks like we'll be introduced to Kanaria, Maiden #6 next week according to the previews. Hoooooboy. This is going to be an interesting season - now that all of the Maidens are awake, the Alice Game is now totally unavoidable. I wonder how things are going to go from here?


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