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Sugar Sugar Rune 3

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Summary: Pierre corners Vanilla, telling her that she's really an Ogre child and that everyone's kept it from her until now. He also confides in her that he too is an Ogre, and that everyone in the Magic World has been horrible to their race since the beginning of both worlds. Vanilla believes him all too readily, as she had just fought with Chocola. He seduces her into hating Chocola, and makes her resolve to become the first Ogre queen even stronger by giving her the prized Noir Heart - a black heart that will take all the mercy and compassion out of you and just give you the drive to beat your enemies. What will this do to her and Chocola's relationship? More importantly, how will this affect the Magic World and the Human World and how they function?

Review: If the anime only kept to this storyline... ;__; Anyway, I'm dying to read volume four now. It's coming out in a week or so. Pierre's just so evil. :( He doesn't really care for Vanilla at all - he just is using her for the Ogres' ends.


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