the usagi incidents


Sugar Sugar Rune 4

Summary: Vanilla's decent into darkness continues as Pierre shows her a way to make all the boys' hearts turn black for her to take, so that the Ogres can finally take power over both the Human and Magic Worlds. Chocola, in a last gasp of friendship, gives Vanilla "kiichigo" - magical berry sweets that warm the heart and make one feel better. Vanilla eats them, and now has an internal battle waging - the Noir versus the warm glowing Orange heart created by the kiichigo. Will Vanilla really be taken by Pierre and the darkness in the end? Or will the Orange heart reappear in her body? And why did Pierre save Chocola from drowning when he's supposed to be aiding Vanilla for more black hearts?

Review: Goddamn. Not as long as I'd hoped it would be, but the content makes up for the lack of actual pages. Poor Vanilla. No matter what she does, in her opinion, Chocola bests her. It's not so, and it's heartwrenching to see (even if it's not real) - since those situations happen more than one thinks. And wtf with Pierre. He needs to make up his mind. D:< Too bad the next volume isn't released until next Spring. Stupid Nakayoshi.


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