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Trinity Blood 19

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Summary: After getting fatally attacked by Radu, Ion is close to dying as Esther watches. She offers him her blood, but rather than take it he stabs himself to take control. Nightroad sneaks in, bringing him blood, and thwarting his suicide attempt. Meanwhile, one of the other lords involved with the Orden discovers that the Empress is not dead after all - but actually Sesscha, the small girl that Nightroad and Company was with in earlier episodes. When Nightroad goes to confront Radu about the Orden, he gets wounded - only to be saved by the Empress...who's also a Krsnik and who hasn't seen him for 900 years?

Review: My head's spinning with all of these new revelations. @__@ Who knew that Sesscha was actually a Krsnik AND the Empress!? So much to take in. Guh. o_o


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