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Trinity Blood 21

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Summary: Mary talks to her staff about the Albinion incident, while the Pope is found by a little girl and is taken to the underground Methuselah city below the Vatican and all of Rome..turning out to be the Albinion capital itself! But the people there are held captive; they cannot go above, and they are ignored by those above them. After Angelica the girl shows the Pope her "private" spot - in all actuality a rocket launching pad, one of the terrorists show up and take him away. Meanwhile Esther is taken capitive by Detrich, determined to destroy the world. All of the past stories come together as old friends come together to fight the virus-like Orden in the Final Battle!

Review: Good good episode. I wish they'd explain more of Nightroad's beginnings though, and more about the Albinion Methuselahs. Hopefully we'll see that in the last three episodes.


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