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Trinity Blood 22

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Review: The Pope tries to understand the plight of the Methuselah, whereas the Vatican goes on an all-out strike against the Albinion Methuselah to reclaim their pope. Things get even hairier when the Orden gets involved, pretending to be the Vatican and murdering people to turn the Albinion Methuselah and the Vatican against each other. While everyone's busy fighting, the Orden Leader Kain comes walking into the Vatican - right under AX's noses!

Review: Two eps away from finishing the series, and we still don't know what the hell the Orden and the Krsniks exactly are. AND OH SHIT KAIN - is he a Krsnik too? Leading the Orden? And why the hell did Abel go berserk when he saw Kain? At least Dedrich's finally dead. :D Dammit Esther, stop meddling when Abel's trying to kill someone important!


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