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Trinity Blood 23

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Summary: Cain has successfully slain Abel, just like in the bible. Esther, desolate, does not leave Abel's wake until one of the Albinions drops a huge secret - Esther is the lost princess of Albinion - the Kibou no Hoshi (Star of Hope) they have been searching for since she disappeared at birth 15 years ago! They ask her to lend them her power, and so she does, for Abel's memory. Meanwhile, the Orden's destroying Rome outside, and it appears that even the Vatican's most powerful weapons can't take them out..

Review: Oh my god. So Esther is a Methuselah Princess with major powers, Abel dies (only a Krsnik can be killed by another Krsnik?), Catherina takes blood from Abel's beloved in cryogenic sleep to save him, and Cain is a very bad man. One episode left to go, and SO many unanswered questions. I think I might try reading the novels again after this, if just because the answers I seek may be there.


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