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Trinity Blood 24 (end)

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Summary: All of the members of AX, minus Caterina, Abel, and Esther fight against the Orden ship that's blowing shit up all over Londinium. Tres revives Abel with what's implied in the previous episode by Caterina as Lillith's blood/serum - necessary to all Krsniks to be able to revive and heal themselves. Esther goes back to where Abel's coffin is, only to be shocked when Abel suddenly ressurects in front of a smiling Cain, and the final battle begins and ends with the World hanging in the balance...

Review: A really nice open-ended ending. It was especially gratifying to see Esther be crowned by the Pope as the Queen of the Albinion. Gorgeous scenes there - Gonzo really outdid themselves. However, there is the question of what the hell happened after Cain and Abel fell to earth. I mean, we see Abel afterward with Ion, talking about how they must continue to fight the Orden, riding in the Krsniks' old spaceship...that was a bit confusing. Perhaps a second season is in order? Also, what was touching was the end screen said "Dedicated to Yoshida Sunao" - the original author of the TB novels who passed away late last year at the tender age of 34 due to overwork/lung blockage. I think I need to try reading the novels again, even if it is quite difficult at my current level to do so. Definitely one of the best series of the year! I'm definitely sad it's done with for now.

Final Review: A+


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