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Angela Aki - Rain (PV)

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Angela Aki is one of the best newcomers of 2005. I will say that flat out right here, right now.

This video, produced when she made her first indies album, "ONE" earlier this year, shows her roots. No frills, no costumes, no make-up, Aki is real and just playing her piano. While "Rain" isn't one of my favourite songs, she did a mean cover of Fiona Apple's "Never is a Promise" AND translated it into Japanese - which I must give her props for. If anything, it could be said that in terms of style and lyrics, Angela Aki is Japan's Fiona Apple.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from her in 2006 - as well as a full major release album. Good going, Angela Aki!


  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger Joseph said…

    My dear sister in Hokkaido loves Shiina Ringo. She would faint if she met her in person.


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