the usagi incidents


Doku-Hime 1

Summary: In a kingdom of old, there's a family where matrilineal heritage is kept. But this isn't any ordinary female-ruling family - rumour has it that each woman that comes to the throne becomes the Doku-hime, or Poison Princess. When she kisses anyone, including the man she loves, she kills him thus becoming queen by herself. The people start to realize, and exile Belladonna, the current princess, far away to the countryside in revenge...where she meets a boy that is resistant to the poison her body makes.

Review: Whoa. Relatively new Mitsukazu series that hasn't been finished. I hope she does - amazon jp has listed #2 for the longest time but with nothing coming out. Again, the art is absolutely gorgeous, just like we expect from Mitsukazu. I hope everything works out right in the end for Belladonna.

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