the usagi incidents


Doll 5 (translated)

Summary: (tokyopop) A girl working as a maid endures the burden of filial responsibility; a young, talented pianist has a personality that is splitting him in two; and a discarded doll brings new life to an aging village.

Review: After reading the original for this volume and now the translation, I can say that Tokyopop's hit and miss record is not a rumour. Luckily here they seemed to get it right. I can't say that they've done Mitsukazu's work perfect justice, but at least they didn't fuck it up too badly. They've done well, but not perfect. This gives me some hope that the next titles they release by Mitsukazu will be done as well, if not better, than the DOLL series. Either that or have the same translator work on the new ones. ;/


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