the usagi incidents


Doll 6 (translated) (final)

Summary: (tokyopop) The president of the SG Corporation has been losing sleep because for the last ten years not only have his employees been unable to locate one annoying remodeler but also his private detective has not presented any useful information about his missing son. However, a twisted connection lies between both the kidnapper and the remodelor and his ultimate revenge upon the SG Corporation is about to come into fruition.

Review: It's nice that they finally really fleshed out the President's story, instead of just the son's (we first heard about him in the earlier volumes). But why did it take him so damned long to figure out that his kid was the Remodeler? Jeez. Well, that wrapped things up nicely. IC in a Wallflower also gives more info on the SG Corporation as an unofficial companion/sequel to this series, if you also want to know more about it.



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