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Head Phones President - Vacancy

Anza and the gang are back with a new album - making that a record of two releases in one year for the group. One single (WhitError), and now this their third mini-album, Vacancy.

Needless to say, Anza still rocks. The introlude, "vacancy", though not a song is disturbing and highly powerful. It gave me major chills up my spine when I first heard it. It reminded me much of seeing her live.

The rest of the album, though on the surface seemingly standard fare for the angstpunk band, shows a little less grind and noise and more melody. This is not to say that they did not have less or no melody before, but this album shows that Anza and her gang have really grown up, and matured since their initial debut a few years ago. Even though many of the themes are the same (insanity, helplessness, anger), the way these themes are delivered are different and alwayws changing.

I can't wait for their tour for this album.

Final Grade: A+

Favourite tracks from this album:
-groan and smile

Head Phones President - WhitError


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