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House 26 (S2 E4)

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"TB or not TB"

Summary: ( in Africa, a famous doctor becomes inexplicably ill and is sent to Dr. House for treatment.

Review: Jeez, that doctor was fucking annoying. House was right - even though he says he wants to "save people", he really does love the media attention. WTF. D: Then again, most people would call that rude on my part to say something like that. But how is it rude if it's true? Refusing treatment just because he's got advanced medicine at hand? What the fuck. a;slkfj

Choice Houseisms from this episode:
Dr. Chase: What about something metabolic?
House: Welcome to the good ship “Ass Kisser.” Nice day for a sail – pucker up, me hardees!

House: Every minute that we refuse to love one another, another puppy cries another tear.
Dr. Wilson: You're just mad because he's closer to a Nobel prize then you.
House: But I've nailed more Swedish babes. It's a crazy crazy world.


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