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House 27 (S2 E5)

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"Daddy's Boy"

Summary: ( A Princeton student who is graduating suffers a seizure while partying at a frat house. House's parents also drop by to see their son.

Review: So...does the son die or not? They kind of left that open ended. Poor House - he really did NOT want to see his parents. :/ He still didn't explain very well why he hates his father so much besides the fact that he does not lie. So many unanswered questions! However, wonderful House/Wilson episode! God, they need to get together. Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard's chemistry blows me away each episode.

Choice Houseisms for this episode:
Dr. Cameron: Why would you need $5,000?
Dr. Chase: Bad night at poker or great night with a hooker.
House: Thank you for saving me the trouble of deflecting that personal question with a joke.

Dr. Wilson: Two-wheeled vehicles that travel 150 miles an hour don't really go well with crippled irresponsible drug addicts.
House: Actually, two-wheeled vehicles that go 180 miles an hour do not go well with healthy responsible architects who don't know how to separate breaking and turning. Good news is, it brings the price right down.


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