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House 28 (S2 E6)

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Summary: ( A professional bicyclist is brought in after collapsing during a race, but House doesn't want to treat him because he thinks the athlete is taking performance-enhancing drugs. House only becomes interested when the patient admits to taking the drugs.

Summary: Ahahaha. House and Wilson are my slash OTP for this show. They're so awesome together. Anyway, poor House and Stacy. They still can't seem to get beyond their old marriage and everything. That always sucks. I was kind of sad because there weren't too many references to Cuddy's boobies in this episode like usual. It was also nice seeing Cameron getting off of her high horse for once by admitting she cheated on her husband when he was dying. Not the best episode, but still a good one.

Choice Houseisms from this episode:

Dr. Wilson: Is there a light somewhere that goes on when I have food?
House: Green for food, orange for beverages, red for impure thoughts. That bulb burns out every two minutes.

Dr. Cameron: We don't make careers out of who can stay awake the longest.
Dr. Chase: Really? Ever been to...oh, I don't know, med school?


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