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House 29 (S2 E7)

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Summary: ( A gay man with full-blown AIDS collapses in front of House's home and goes into shock. When House discovers the man's father is suffering from symptoms of his own, he must determine if they might be connected and save both their lives. Meanwhile, Cameron faces a potentially life-threatening disease of her own.

Review: One word: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Yes, this episode was SO good it deserves four screens instead of the usual two. :D I'm barely coherent after watching this episode, so here's things in bullets:

1. OMG CAMERON/CHASE SEX. This was really hot, even if Cameron was hopped up on meth. o_o;

2. Houseism #1 out of ALL the ones so far:

Wilson: [to the stalker guy who suggests that he and House are a couple] "We're not... uh... together..."
House: *rolls eyes* "He's so self-loathing."
Looks like someone on the staff's been reading too much of house_slash and/or house_wilson. :DD

3. Cameron has HIV? PLOT BUNNY.

4. Sasuga House to screw it up with Stacy (AGAIN). Here's ticcy's take on the situation:
snaaaark: It's not meant to be. His time is over with her. This episode was really about closure.
thetokyoincident: I think so too

5. Steve McQueen the Rat. Oh god.

AL:KDJF:SDF Best episode of the season for content, next to episode 5. Here's hopin' for some H/W comfort? :D Or more Chase/Cameron sex? YAY.


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