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House Australian Introduction Special

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Well, we at least now know what's in the vicodin bottles that Laurie uses during the show. XD

That aside, this special gave me a bit more insight into House's character as well as the mechanics of the show. Jennifer Morrison trying to explain the room colours was just too cute for words, and they spliced in some of the best Houseisms from Season 1. What I am a bit surprised at is the lack of screentime for Jesse Spencer, Aussie native and "Chase" on the show - considering this was a special created to introduce to the Australian market. Then again, it could be that this special was to be reused in other countries that licensed the Fox property. I'm not sure which.

Laurie - have more faith in yourself, man! You're an awesome actor. He's got such bad self esteem. :(

Still, fun to watch, and would watch again. I wonder if this is on the Season 1 DVD set?


  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger Colloquielle said…

    Yeah, the intro that was shown in Australia is on the Region 1 DVD set of the first season - that's why it's so generic. It wasn't created for an Aussie market at all.


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