the usagi incidents


IC in a Wallflower

Summary: Somewhat connected to the DOLL series. SG Company, maker of the DOLL series, has now come out with a new artificial human - a maid-type creature with absolute obedience to its master. It's the newest of the new DOLLs - it cannot think for itself, so you can do whatever you wish to it. Six stories about one such Vanillabot chronicles her story as the servant to various masters.

Review: I enjoyed DOLL much more, but this one-volume collection explores more into the character development of the man who would alter and fix the DOLLs from the first series - which was, quite honestly, desperately needed. But the tale of the Vanillabot didn't quite do it for me. Read DOLL first, and then IC in a Wallflower or else you'll get quite confused. Mitsukazu needs to mark one as the sequel and then the other as the original. @___@

Final Review: B


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