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Jigoku Shoujo 7

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Summary: Ayaka is the daughter of the hugely famous and well-respected Kurenai Midori, of the Kurenai Theatrical Institute. Her mother is very hard on her in every respect, and she is determined to revenge herself by turning to Ai. Ai warns her of the consequences of Hell afterward, so instead she turns to two of her male friends to do it for her. She still doesn't get the part she wanted, instead it goes to the newest shining star on the acting scene, Kurushima Kaoruko. She starts her revenge on Kaoruko and her mother decides to shut the school down - knowing her daughter had faked the attack on her the night before for revenge. When Kaoru goes to take the red thread from Ai's doll - it's already gone! Ai appears, and explains that Kaoruko already took it, and now she will escort Ayaka into hell...

Review: The sad thing is, especially in the Japanese entertainment industry it seems (either that or there's too little exposure in the US) this sort of thing happens too often. Once again I really appriciate the Jigoku Shoujo staff for daring to put stuff like this out there so graphically. Japan, no, the world can't hide things like this under the rug forever, especially when people are wondering why children are murdering each other out of revenge, or suiciding over being bullied. A+, guys. You've earned my respect.


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